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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

April 5 & 6 , 2019

"Dance is a mosaic of time, a chance to transform and be transformed,
a means to connect the self to others and to our times." 
                                                                                                        Jean-Marc Baier


Visceral motion, provocative statements and original choreography are trademarks
    of Dafmark Dance Theater, the Erie-based contemporary dance company
founded in 1991 by Dafna Rathouse Baier and Jean-Marc Baier. 

Productions such as “A Year to Remember,” “And if not Now, When,” “”Urban Beat” &
“A Still Unfinished Journey” demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to artistic expression and originality. Dafmark has also worked with the Erie Philharmonic
Orchestra , the Ravel Trio, the Cypress String Quartet, Quintango,
Mary Alice Brown Jazz Ensemble and the Edinboro University Chamber Players.

For Dafmark Dance Theater, it is the dynamism between tradition and change,
immediacy and transcendence, form and content, where the passion for artistic expression takes shape. It is the nexus where creativity finds a voice in the language of dance, and where "meaning in movement" is both a comfort and a challenge to the way in which
we understand ourselves.

Dafmark's repertory has also been performed by the renowned Kibbutz Dance Company
in Israel, by Atalanta Fugiens in Barcelona, Spain, the Northeast Academy of Dance in Michigan and Voci, Orlando's premier contemporary dance company in Florida


Dafmark Dance Theater is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization registered with
the Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Charitable Contributions.  
Your contributions and donations are tax-deductible.

To be included in the Dafmark Dance Theater mailing list,
contact us via dafmark@gmail.com or call 814 454-3993


Mission Statement

Dafmark's mission is to offer a unique, creative and educational experience,

in the art of dance that is steeped in social consciousness.  

Dafmark is committed to presenting original choreography

that incorporates local and national talent.